5 Quitting Alcohol Benefits You Should Know

A red pencil laying on a paper with a list of goals.In 2015, a survey done by the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism found that almost one-third of adults (ages 18 and up) engage in binge drinking each month.

The National Center for Health Statistics released a 2014 report attributing over 50,000 deaths to alcohol either directly or indirectly.

Most of us will be affected by alcohol abuse at some point in our lives, of our own experiences, or through a friend or family member.

Addiction to alcohol takes a toll on loved ones and can wreak havoc on your health.

When you are drinking you may be blinded to the dangers of alcohol.

You might also not realize all of the ways that quitting alcohol benefits you.

How Quitting Alcohol Benefits You:

Many people do not drink responsibly. They put themselves and others in risky situations.

Even those that drink alcohol in moderation most of the time might binge drink occasionally.

But, abusing alcohol can have serious consequences even if it only happens one time.

If these are not good enough reasons, here are 5 quitting alcohol benefits that you should know.

1. Your thoughts become clearer.

Heavy drinking can have major effects on how your brain works.

Those who drink heavily or for many years can cause damage ranging from lapses in memory to debilitating brain damage.

When you stop drinking your brain begins to heal and your thoughts become clearer.

While alcohol can halt the development of brain cells, when you quit, cell growth is stimulated.

2. You will sleep better.

Many people think that alcohol helps them sleep, but this is a myth.

When you are drinking heavily, you might not even realize that your sleep is being disrupted.

But, alcohol interferes with your body’s sleep rhythm.

Our bodies need sleep to function. During sleep, our bodies heal and replenish themselves.

If we go for an extended period of time without getting a good night’s rest, it weakens our immune system, effects our ability to make decisions and creates anxiety.

When you quit drinking, you are able to sleep more soundly.

3. Your skin is healthier.

Drinking heavily damages skin cells and can affect the way that your body’s circulatory system operates.

Your skin might lose its firmness and appear thinner.

Your capillaries and veins may dilate, and become more visible through your skin.

Drinking can cause you to become dehydrated, drying out your skin.

When you quit alcohol, skin cells are restored.

Moisture is retained more effectively. Skin no longer appears dry, loose and rough.

Because cells are being replenished at a faster rate, your skin is able to heal itself quicker.

4. Relationships are restored.

When you are in active alcohol addiction, relationships with your loved ones become strained.

Often, the addiction is so powerful that we don’t even care about the damage it causes in our relationships.

We may have done things to anger or embarrass our family and friends. But, when we are drinking too much we tend to ignore others feelings.

We may have developed dishonest behaviors: lying about how we spend money and time, or making promises that we don’t keep.

When we stop drinking, our loved ones begin to trust us again.

We care about their feelings. We want them to feel respected.

When we make a promise, we are able to honor it.

Our family relationships and friendships are able to heal when we stop drinking.

6. Our self-esteem improves.

When we quit drinking, it affects every area of our lives.

We are more conscientious and responsible.

Oftentimes, our work performance will improve.

If we have tended to be habitually late because of drinking or hangovers, we may become more punctual.

We have time to take care of ourselves and participate in activities other than drinking.

We may start exercising, reading and spending time enjoying life.

Our appearance improves, including our skin, our eyes and we may care more about how we dress and personal hygiene.

When we begin to take care of ourselves and our responsibilities, our self-confidence returns.

When we quit alcohol, we find a new freedom.

Where do I go from here?

If you want to experience how quitting alcohol benefits your body, mind and relationships, there is help available.

Ask your health provider about how Naltrexone can help you to stop using alcohol.

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