Understanding the Basics of How LDN Works

Want to find out how LDN works? Naltrexone has been FDA-approved for treating opioid and alcohol addiction. Plus, low dose naltrexone has also been used for people with chronic illnesses. Keep reading because this article will explain how LDN works and how it could help you. The Effects of Drug and Alcohol Abuse Opiates like opium … Read more

Why Relapse Patients Should Take LDN for Depression

When you are in the valley of depression, you would give anything to have someone pull you out. You may have tried various things; listened to the advice of friends, gone to see a doctor, and taken the requisite medication. You may even have been on the steady rise out. But what if there was … Read more

How Revia Can Help Addicts During Withdrawal

Revia (sometimes known as Naltrexone) is a Godsend to the over 15 million adults in America alone who struggle with alcohol abuse. Whether you’re looking for more information about Revia for yourself, your loved ones, or even for your patients, this post will tell you what you need to know about how it can help … Read more

5 Quitting Alcohol Benefits You Should Know

In 2015, a survey done by the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism found that almost one-third of adults (ages 18 and up) engage in binge drinking each month. The National Center for Health Statistics released a 2014 report attributing over 50,000 deaths to alcohol either directly or indirectly. Most of us will be affected by … Read more

Curious How to Stop Alcohol Cravings? Try Naltrexone

Once an alcoholic, always an alcoholic? Some of us know that is most certainly isn’t the case. Many have conquered alcohol addiction through methods like therapy and abstinence. The journey isn’t always a simple one. The levels of alcoholism vary from situation to situation. People have developed careers that promote working while inebriated such as … Read more

Dealing with Anxiety Through the Use of Naltrexone

Whether it’s a symptom of a disorder or the disorder itself, dealing with anxiety can be hard. You feel your heart beat racing. Your pulse has increased. You’re sweating. You’re not getting much sleep. Your pulse has increased. You’re sweating. You’re not getting much sleep. You’re sweating. You’re not getting much sleep. You’re not getting … Read more

The Benefits of a Low Dose Naltrexone Treatment for Cancer

Dealing with any form of cancer is a difficult experience. Whether it is battling the symptoms of the disease or the treatments, it is taxing on the human body. Traditional forms of cancer treatments such as chemotherapy can sometimes even make a person feel worse than the disease itself. When this happens, it can be … Read more

5 Reasons You Should Consider Naltrexone for Alcohol Abuse

Alcohol addiction is a battle that can be extremely difficult to fight. Therefore, it’s important to understand the different treatment options available to help. Many people typically go for AA (Alcoholics Anonymous) and counseling as the main types of treatment. While AA is helpful, there are other effective options for fighting alcoholism. Medication therapy is a treatment that is often overlooked … Read more

Most Common Naltrexone Uses and Cost Reduction Strategies

Naltrexone uses vary from one patient to another Naltrexone is a medication that has been approved for use by the FDA in patients who are suffering from an alcohol or opioid based dependency. When used according to the instructions given by a doctor or health care provider, the vast majority of patients have been able … Read more