How Revia Can Help Addicts During Withdrawal

Revia (sometimes known as Naltrexone) is a Godsend to the over 15 million adults in America alone who struggle with alcohol abuse.

Whether you’re looking for more information about Revia for yourself, your loved ones, or even for your patients, this post will tell you what you need to know about how it can help ease the symptoms of withdrawal.

What Is Revia?

Did you know that there are actually five different types of alcoholics?

Addiction way out problem sign. Prevention and cure addiction problem concept.In the past, it was difficult to find a treatment that could effectively help all of them.

Thanks to Revia, no matter the type or severity of a person’s alcoholism, a person’s craving for alcohol experienced during withdrawal can be reduced.

It was created to help addicts manage their addictions, as it’s an opiate antagonist. This means that it replaces the parts of an addict’s brain and nervous system that are most often filled with alcohol (or drugs) with Revia.

Essentially, this medication targets the exact neurotransmitters that cause alcohol addiction. Because it pinpoints these areas exactly, it’s much safer than other options.

What Are the Requirements for Getting On Revia?

First and foremost, Revia shouldn’t be taken by those that are still in the throes of their addiction. Again, it’s geared towards managing withdrawal symptoms and reducing cravings. It doesn’t mean it’s a replacement for AA (alcoholics anonymous) meetings and other support systems and medical treatments.

To get it, you’ll have to be honest about how frequently you’re drinking or taking drugs. You’ll also need to undergo a physical exam, which can help doctors determine the accuracy of your statements.

You’ll also be asked to take a drug test.

If you are found eligible to take Revia, you and your doctor will work together to create a treatment plan that can help the medication be the most effective.

You’ll likely be required to attend support groups or seek other forms of mental health counseling as a part of your plan for recovery. Your doctor will also outline specific rules and dosage amounts of the medication.

Know that, if prescribed, you’ll likely initially get a lower dose to make sure your body is in fact compatible with this medication.

There is also an injection form of Revia. If you and your doctor decide this is a better option for you, you’ll need to come in about once every month for your shot. It’s crucial that you don’t miss an injection to keep the medication working properly.

Are You Ready to Give Revia a Try?

Whether you’re interested in getting a prescription for yourself or for a loved one, Revia is a great option to help people continue to stay sober after the detoxification process has taken place.

If you’d like more information about Naltrexone, including potential side effects, feel free to spend some time on our website and to reach out to us with any additional questions.

Once you’ve started your recovery process, we know you’re willing to do whatever it takes to stay on track.

Revia can help you to stay strong as you continue to heal and get your life back.

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